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LadyGoldenAngel@ 12:42am 09-18-2016
Hello to all, whom still visit this page!! Hope your 2016 has been a good one or one leading you to the path needed! I am back and in action, click my name if you wish for a reading or just look for the email I have posted on my main site. Much love and light!

- LGA~
carolyn@ 4:34pm 12-22-2015
Hello I used to order readings from you through Orkut I was wondering what happened to you.

I do not use Orkut anymore but am on f/b daily and your website popped up.
I missed your readings you were always so honest and supportive.

So much has happened since we last talked I want to share and if you are still doing readings would love a reading
please let me know....

daliliah@ 8:49pm 02-13-2015
Miss u hun...hope u r well
LadyGoldenAngel@ 4:23am 05-03-2013
I just want to say thank you to everyone for all your support and feedback!! Means so much! and Lily I see ya and it seems all the gigs have gone through hugsss
Texaslily@ 2:30pm 04-22-2013
Hi Ladygoldenangel, I hope you are getting some down time..Jut wanted to let you know Im here.. Still trying to see that the ones on the site get thru.They say now only 1 still open.. I hope so.
Hope the sun shines brightly on you today''
Randileigh @ 1:21pm 03-24-2013
Wonderful reading amazing person A++++++++
Bunnygirl@ 8:33pm 10-25-2012
Thank you for the healing Lady Angel I got the course over me like you said. I qualify for my certificate in Angel Healing soon so I'm going to be studying more spiritual stuff. Hoping now I can go back to this job and do well. Still doing an odd bit of singing but all takes time as you said God will manifest all for me god bless you Slainte xxxx
Bunnygirl@ 8:17pm 10-10-2012
Thank so much for the healing Lady Angel I was very ill
Jen@ 4:35am 10-08-2012
Ive been reading with LGA since Dec 2011. Almost everything has happened or is in the process. There's just a few things (2) I am waiting to come to life but I am sure they will. I'm thankful every day that my friend referred me to her. Never a disappointment. No sugar coating. Always my light when my world is dark.

Daliliah@ 6:54pm 09-16-2012
I have had many readings and she has told me so many unexpected things that have come to pass. Not always what I want to hear but she has helped me.
Jen@ 8:15am 05-28-2012
I have had many readings with Angel, she is always spot on with the matter I have at the time. She's patient and very kind. Angel also works with me sometimes when I'm too broke I still donate something to her. She is worth it. I'm never disappointed.
Susan@ 5:45pm 04-14-2012
I just discovered this site and wondered if the complimentary 2 card Angel reading is available to me. I need my angels. Love & Light, Susan--
Bunny@ 8:28pm 02-24-2012
SIMPLY THE BEST never mind TINA TURNER this womans talent and experience !! is unreal !! The healing I have received is amazing !! IM a new person my life has tranformed and I will continue coming to Viv for all ETERNITY !! Love and Light SIS really people come to this woman 18 Sept 2011 I started and Im still coming and the results are getting better and better about to become an amazing SPIRUALIST and ROCK STAR :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Bunny@ 6:43pm 02-18-2012
Hey beautiful Lady Angel once again your correct the giggs have started to come mind you only karaoke, buts it been fun The job came and the working with spiritual folk that you said from Sept 18 is about to happen lol Sorry I never believed you They offered me a spiritual job !!! and they said I will do well !!! Just like you seen me working on my life purpose !!! As for my mam yes she really did come threw for me!!! My only wish is now the love I do wait on it !!!! Hope he wakes up soon hugs Thanks so much be back again next month love and light
Bunny@ 2:41pm 01-12-2012
Well once again Viv you proved me wrong I was offered a job doing spiritual work to lift the debts you said money was coming from someone unexpected, also this singing my coach is urging me to get giggs just like you said the music will go fast cant wait for my baby to return that is the best news ever last night about the debts being cleared finally keep up the good work Viv Your the best physic I have ever been too this is why I keep coming back xxx

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