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silvermoon36@ 9:57pm 06-02-2011
Hello Miss Vivi
I just wanted to say Thank you VERY VERY much for your reads!! Everything that you have told me has been extremely right on point!!! When my computer blew up, u told me a friend of mine would give me a computer. Approx. 8 mos later, my friend gave me a little notebook computer because she had gotten a new full sized laptop!! =) Thank you again for your insight sweets!! I totally appreciate everything!!! <3
Paola Quintero@ 7:40pm 05-31-2011
Hello Vivi i have to thank you for telling me my readings and your website is AMAZING!Also i also want to know that did you feel something when you chose your cards or did you just picked it cause of the mermaids and dolphins?Anyway i hope i get to learn more from you someday and thank you very much Vivi's ANGELS
Danii@ 7:35pm 05-17-2011
OH GOLDEN, oh Golden.. if I would have known of your site I would have left a comment long long time ago... when I say that you are accurate then I mean it and I am not here to flatter anyone. I recommend you to anyone, who is in need of guidance and psychic insights because you are truly intune with the Greater Force.... NAMASTE, Love and Light and be blessed from the Heart
nessie or vess@ 5:15am 04-10-2011
thoughts of kindness an love for a genuine top lady!
Michelle Gordon@ 7:05am 04-04-2011
Thank you so much again for talking to me on Mysticgames last night, my world is truly turned upside down...i feel like a hampster on a husband has left me, but he is struggling i can business is not moving and i'm working very hard at my jobs...
I want to say you gave me more hope
Thank you Michelle
Reg@ 11:13pm 03-27-2011
i am so grateful that i had a chance to have peace and hope brought into my life from her reading. I would highly recommend her to everyone i know. Thank you so much for inspiring soul feels at ease
LoveBeauty@ 11:08pm 03-13-2011
I am very grateful for the gentle nourishing ways of Saiden's readings. She has a beautiful sensitivity and compassion and generosity in her energies. The details she picks up on are incredibly accurate, to the point of suprise. She also offers insightful solutions to problems that would have not been apparent until one 'sits' with her.
I highly recommend her for anyone serious and truly seeking on the path. There is no wish wash.. its serious stuff and seems to come in crystal clear. Thanku to you and ur angels Saiden <3
prettymica@ 5:36pm 02-02-2011
Saiden is very intuitive and can pick up on the slightest things.. readings are very informative.. would highly recommmend... thank you saiden.
Sharon 'dragonfly'@ 2:59am 01-19-2011
Just visited your site for the first time - you are an amazing lady and i have the honour and priviledge of knowing you. It is beautiful here. Blessed be x
Nina@ 5:21pm 12-21-2010
my dear friend from far away, your trust, advices and friendship is very precious to me. blessed be, and thank you. you are always in my heart....xoxo
Angele (malachite)@ 9:22pm 12-16-2010
Saiden has impressed me many times throughout different chat sessions, whether alone or with other chatters around. She is very accurate and has the ability to pinpoint someone's concerns at the time of the reading. She is very humble and an extremely great advisor!
Samantha@ 2:05am 12-14-2010
I had a few readings from you, And I can surely say your the great! So many personal details and you were correct on all the points. Your absolutely amazing, Im so happy to find u and become your friend, And Hopefully for a long time to come. Thank you for your time
Jolene@ 5:09pm 12-02-2010
I had a reading and I was surprised I was able to since most people charge an arm and a leg, but this one didn't. Many things said to me were about someone close to me and VERY personal details no one could have known without a special ability. She has a beautiful gift and I have faith everything said will come to pass soon. You lifted my spirits when I thought no one could. For that I am forever grateful.
Karen@ 8:55pm 10-13-2010
VIV HELP!!! Yahoo me ok?

need an answer!!! please not sure if Michael is done.
Barbara@ 9:50pm 09-21-2010
Thank you golden for sharing you;re beautiful gift with me. You have such a beautiful heart and and light! xoxox

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