Jen@ 11:33am 01-05-2012
What you brought up during my relationship before our split was correct. Waiting for the future outcome! Will consult with you again!
Bunny@ 4:46pm 12-28-2011
thank you for all your time and hard work for the past three months, I await to be in this band I so cant wait this is my dream, you have such an amazing gift you shine to others so much and thank you for being my friend Love and Light <3 x0x0x
Bunny@ 3:18pm 12-13-2011
Well I sent of my demo he loved it music defo is my line of work !!!!!!!!! As for the big one well he needs to learn the hard way no more hanging about what will be will be !!!!!!! I start in January the singing pretty scared because I looked back at all our readings and you kept saying music and I kinda laughed. Oh yeh money you were saying I had to send away claim sounds good !!!!!!!!! Love and light dear Viv , also im now doing me own angel cards like you said wow keep up the good work happy xmas !
Tamara R.@ 1:46am 12-10-2011
She is one very inspirational strong young lady who's been right about insight to my situation. Just hoping things will turn out the way I'd like, we'll see! xoxo
Bunny@ 11:27pm 11-11-2011
to Viv

well everything you told me has manifested God I started of this young girl afraid of the world and now look at me rising above it all, I feel a new woman thanks to all your hard work help and guidance

I thank you deeply

Everything is going as we said and now I wait on the BIG ONE

Defo be back for more readings once this house is sorted yes I got the furnished house you talked about with the Wooden floors lol never doubt ya again lol

hugs from IRELAND
Dt@ 9:36pm 09-15-2011
Ive been checking your site every night. Is there a particular night you are online. I have heard from a RL friend that you're blessed with a wonderful gift.

I will continue to look for you online.....
Bunny@ 9:40pm 09-14-2011
Hi I think your an amazing person with a heart of gold and your readings are so efficient its scary. If all readers were as kind and loving as you people probably would love angel readings more

love and light chat soon xoxox
kelly@ 5:24am 08-26-2011

...just requesting a free angel card reading if possible by e-mail. Thanks for your help. Kelly
beth@ 11:06pm 08-14-2011
paola@ 3:12pm 07-23-2011
hey vivi!i found some clues from ur angel numbers and did some definitions and i conncted them and i think i'm getting close to something besides the angels but i dont know what yet?
Andreal @ 7:41pm 07-20-2011
angel i would like to thank u for all the insight that you gave to me i would also like to mention that you spent quite some time with me and you didn't make me feel like i was bugging you with all my questions please email me as soon as you can i would like to speak to you about a situation that you spoke to me about ... job ... something just happened and i need your help!!! p.s. to all that read this angel is the truth ... love and light your mystic games friend .
Zim@ 7:16pm 07-13-2011
LadyGoldenAngel thank you. For your kind words, guidance and positivity along with your honesty. My son and I are finally settled in a long term house for us, just as you pictured, actually your description matches perfectly, and it does feel like home. Thank you xxx
LadyGoldenAngel@ 4:34pm 06-15-2011
Paola i sent you reposnses to yoru email directly, read the answers to yrou questions there primis :0)
Paola Quintero@ 4:17pm 06-04-2011
hi Vivi i read some of your angel numbers and i wanted to ask you a question about them.HOW CAN U TELL WHEN A ANGEL IS CONNECTING TO YOU BY NUMBERS?WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSE TO SEE EXACTLY?
Dani@ 6:42pm 06-03-2011
Sorry for not writing before. I send you all my love and thanks for helping me with your talents in a hard time of my life. I was between two great options and you helped me to choose the right way. Really, have no doubt about consulting her, she will be of great help!!

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