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Rocio@ 2:19am 09-16-2010
Just want to thank you so much for my Oracle reading...Before I came across you, I though things between my boyfriend and I seemed confusing and not so I my reading I felt so much better and started to think positive...and I still have faith everything will work out just fine,
Thanxx so much,
Darcie@ 3:28pm 07-18-2010
Hi I just met you online chatting with Madam Viv
LadyGoldenAngel@ 7:32pm 07-17-2010
wonderful I am hearing go for it !
tanis@ 3:27pm 07-14-2010
I just wanted to let you know, i found the little white house with the big back yard....i had goose if only i can get the money to get it....thank you so much,,,,you have been exceptionally accurate in your readings....thank you so much....tanis
tanis@ 9:50am 07-11-2010
tanis@ 9:46am 07-11-2010
Life is hard for everyone right now...but you made life a little easier for me...i really want to thank you for the reading..the guidance..believe me it has worked so far..i appreciate the time and effort you gave me...i feel much better are truly a gifted young lady...god bless you..... tanis
Connie@ 12:25am 07-09-2010
I want to really Thank You for the reading you did for me. Everything you said was soooo true for me.. Thank you for your kindness and guidance, I appreciate it more than words can say. You are truly a special person.
NightCandle@ 1:00am 07-04-2010
Im proud to see how good u do your work An earthangel as u are, i didnt expect anything else from you.
Luv u
Karen and Michael@ 5:54pm 07-01-2010
Am so grateful for Spirit putting you in a space that was an answer for me. You provided me with much information and support that is so essential to the path ahead. I thank you so much for your sharing and friendship. Blessings.......
Cindy@ 10:59am 07-01-2010
Truly a gifted reader. All kindness and light. Extremelyaccurate. She picked up on my true personality. And what was extremely unusual and appreciated was that she followed up with me AFTER my reading. I encouarage ALL to have a

reading. Extemely nice and accurate.

LadyGoldenAngel@ 1:32am 06-03-2010
hey tracie you need to send me your email to my email on my page ok click this >>>
Traci@ 1:13pm 05-25-2010
I am going thru a really hard time right now in regards to my health. My health issues have been life-long (I am 37 years old). I feel like they are keeping me from finding love with a man and having children. Will I ever find true, lasting, real love?
Catriona@ 3:39am 04-16-2010
Thank You for my reading. It revealed to me things i knew deep down giving me confirmation that i am on the right road. Received things i needed to hear to give me kick up bum to act upon my ideas and desires. And things i don't know yet that are further down road, gives me peace of mind. You are a wonderful honest lady with love to give in abundance........
Star Pegasus@ 6:29pm 04-14-2010
LadyGoldenAngel is legit people.
She is who she says she is.
One very gifted reader!
Blessings and Hugs
Bryan Rawls@ 5:12pm 04-14-2010
You were right on... You are a very gifted reader u are truly a gifted advisor!!!

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